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The Future of Energy

EIP Storage

EIP Storage is an energy storage project developer with a focus on stand-alone project development that meets the needs of an evolving electricity grid. We develop utility-scale energy storage projects from advanced market analysis and origination and continuing through community engagement, engineering, and finance activities.

Our team of energy professionals is committed to building value through responsible energy storage project development across multiple US markets.

utility-scale energy storage

We are building a first-in-class team to support rapid and efficient energy storage project development in U.S. markets.

energy storage project development

We originate and develop stand-alone energy storage projects to accelerate the rise of renewable energy across the grid.

Thoughtful Energy Storage Deployment

“We support the energy transition by leveraging our expertise to strategically and thoughtfully deploy energy storage across the grid.

Our Mission

At EIP Storage

Our mission is to support the energy transition by leveraging our expertise to thoughtfully deploy energy storage assets across the grid.

Why We Need Energy Storage

Electricity generation from renewable energy is now the lowest cost resource in most of the United States. While wind and solar have seen unprecedented growth to meet market needs, they are intrinsically intermittent resources that cannot directly match real-time electricity demand with supply. Vast amounts of energy storage is needed to make these zero-carbon resources truly dispatchable and to maintain grid reliability.

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